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Date: Sunday 9th August, 2020
Moodle SPAM filtering
[Email Icon] Although most Moodle email gets through to students, the bulk nature of Moodle mailing and the vagaries of Google Mail SPAM filtering may result in one or more students finding Moodle messages in their SPAM folders. Professors may need to inform new students that Moodle sends to email and not to text (although direct notifications are available for students using the Moodle Mobile App)

Yesterday’s tip

Date: Saturday 8th August, 2020
Grades Setup Help
[Grades Icon]Moodle Grades can be very confusing. Some good references are below but you may want to contact ITS for help getting started.

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08-08-2020: Grades Setup Help
[Grades Icon]Moodle Grades can be very confusing. Some good references are below but you may want to contact ITS for help getting started.

More Moodle Tips can be found here...

07-08-2020: Backup Grades?
It is simple for a professor to create a backup of course grades. Grades | Setup | Export (then select Excel) will download a spreadsheet with Grades and Feedback (if selected) that can be read outside Moodle in any compatible spreadsheet.
06-08-2020: Course Image
A course image, blank by default but under control of the professor, displays in the user Dashboard. Profs may want to add a Course image under Course settings to distinguish their courses in the Dashboard. [Screenshot of Course settings... Course image] [generic faculty image/icon]
05-08-2020: Assignment notifications
You can control Assignment grade access and notifications for students by using the marking (grading) workflow setting. More details are here [Moodle Icon]
04-08-2020: Inactive students in class participants?
Profs will notice that students who have dropped the course will be listed under Partiicipants. This is something that we can't change, but you can filter them out of the Participants by selecting Active students only. And, no, these students can not see the course and will not be listed in Grades, mail, or most other Moodle features. [Moodle Icon]
03-08-2020: Alternative course format - Collapsed topics
Topics and Weekly are not the only layouts for a Moodle course. One approach which addresses the "Moodle scroll of death" is the Collapsed topics format; self-enroll as a Student and see how this looks here. You can configure Collapsed topics layout and colors under the course settings. [Moodle Icon]
02-08-2020: Learning Moodle - Students
Students have access to a Moodle course to learn how to use Moodle; check out Learner Orientation - v3.6 - here. [Moodle Icon]
01-08-2020: Learning Moodle - Faculty
[Moodle Icon] Faculty can self-enroll in a Moodle course to learn how to use Moodle for their classes; check out Moodle Basics for Faculty - v3.6 - here.  An advanced course is also available for professors here.  A more complete overview of Moodle is available from Linked In Learning - Learning Moodle 3.8 - here.
31-07-2020: Moodle Self-SPAM
Email sent to the class from Announcements and Quickmail is sent "from" the professor. When the professor receives one of these messages (from themself) the Google Mail SPAM filters get suspicious and you may receive a warning. Review that message and dismiss it if appropriate.
30-07-2020: Student Photos
Student photos are uploaded to Moodle periodically but not all will be available. Further, students are able to replace uploaded id photos with a picture of their choosing. Should we mention Gravatar? Generic faculty  [generic faculty image/icon]and staff [generic staff image/icon] photos are uploaded to Moodle but can also be replaced by the the individual.  
29-07-2020: Moodle Mobile App
[Email Icon] If for no other reason you may wish to use the Moodle Mobile App to get direct (push) notifications from Moodle on your mobile device. Moodle does not "speak" text/SMS but the app pushes messages directly to you.
28-07-2020: Student Photos Missing Fall 2019
[Warning Icon][Student Image Icon] Problems in the Campus Safety ID-Card server resulted in the loss of dozens of student (and staff) photos created over the summer of 2019. These photos remain missing in Moodle as well as other (Faculty Dashboard) photo repositories.
27-07-2020: Grades Import
[Grades Icon] Grades can be imported from a spreadsheet into Moodle to: create new grade items, update multiple grades at once, ...